Donald Duck and Chip and Dale – Applecore episode

gosh i used to laugh so hard when i was litle and watching this series

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  1. you are in right roxanaaj

  2. I totally have that VHS somewhere.

  3. no joke, this episode was my childhood!

  4. richardcranium714

    These were the days…

  5. BladeRunner25463c

    At 5:00 donald grabs a can of “ARSE” hah ha!.

  6. I remember Chip and Dale cartoons as a child. The cover of the box the vhs came in was Gold and had like an hour and 45 mins of Chip and Dale. Does anyone else know what I am talking about, I want these shows in my collection!

  7. ya so did my mom and dad this is my fav one

  8. Who’s never wrong, but always right?
    No one, but Donald Duck! yeah!


  10. The first time I saw this was when my parents taped an old Chip n’ Dale special off Disney Channel back in 1994. There were two Disney cartoons that were put together. Started with the Chip n’ Dale cartoon “Chicken in a Rough” and then lead it to this Donald Duck cartoon episode. That one special also did the same thing with the episode of “Chips Ahoy” and leading to the episode of “Up A Tree” That Chip n’ Dale special started with “Two Chips & a Miss” and ended with “The Lone Chipmunks.”

  11. LMFAO!

  12. this is amazing iam 27 too, i loved it with 7 with 17 and today with 27 =)

  13. it still cracks me up & i’m 27 lol

  14. The joke has many forms all over the country… people say Baltimore, nothing more, who’s it for… etc it depends on what you grew up with. For me it was nothing more.. but Donald says Baltimore.

  15. I know! Same here!

  16. wow I never thought of that. I just thought it was a gofer haha

  17. Apple core Nevermore Who’s your Friend

  18. 0:48 xD

  19. Is Donald supposed to be in China at the end?

  20. Baltimore

  21. what´s the response to “applecore”?
    you know.. applecore. *response*. who´s your friend? me. *splat*

  22. It says “Arse” at 5:00 5:01 or 4:59 ish time.

  23. PaladinDrakkenwolf

    5:00, the can of Arsenic is partially blocked so it spells out “Arse” instead

  24. StephSingerGirl23

    LOL!!! I love that!!! “Apple core….”

  25. “Apple core” is a children’s game and prank that was popular among schoolchildren in the United States in the middle of the 20th century.

    The game proceeds as follows: a child finishes eating an apple, then displays the core for the other children to see. The child then says “Apple core!”

    One of the other children replies: “Nevermore,” “Say No More” or “Baltimore.”

    The first child then responds: “Who’s your friend?”

    And the second child responds with the name of another child in the group.

    The first child then responds: “hard or soft?”

    And the second child responds with the choice of either “hard” or “soft”.

    The first child again responds: “now or never?”

    And the second child responds with his choice of either “now” or “never”.

    Upon hearing the name of the “friend”, “hard or soft”, and “now or never”, the first child then throws (assuming one of the answers were “now”) the apple core (either hard or soft) at the named child as he yells, “Not no more”

    The origin of the game, like many schoolyard games, is obscure.

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