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Apple’s next media box gets Comcast’s blessing, priority service

Either Apple has something really cool in store for the next generation of Apple TV, or there’s a whole new product coming to put Apple in the living room. Either way, they now have support from Comcast to make it worthwhile. While it may not matter much to you what device handles your Netflix stream, [...]

Sony gets into virtual reality game with PS4-compatible ‘Project Morpheus’ headset

At the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco on Tuesday, Sony revealed Project Morpheus, the Japanese electronics giant’s highly-anticipated entry into virtual reality hardware that is expected to become part of the PlayStation gaming empire. Shown off in prototype form, Sony’s futuristic head-mounted display represents the first real stab at virtual reality immersion from a [...]

Paper review: FiftyThree’s sketching app gets iOS 7 update, dots, and brush sizes

I’m a big fan of FiftyThree’s Paper app for free-form sketching, drawing, and even note-taking. You can do quite a lot with this relatively simplistic drawing program, and I’ve been using it as my primary doodle pad for quite some time. For those who have never experienced Paper, here’s the deal: The iPad app is [...]

Apple Gets Final Go Ahead for New San Francisco Flagship Store

Apple has received final approval for its upcoming Union Square Apple Store from the San Francisco Planning Commission and the city’s Board of Supervisors, reports Re/code. With the go ahead from the city, Apple can begin construction on the new store, which is located approximately three blocks away from its existing San Francisco store. A [...]

CarPlay: Apple’s in-car iOS dashboard gets real, launching this year

Apple’s “iOS in the Car” initiative will be rolling off assembly lines later this year, with a snappy new name to boot. Now known as CarPlay, Apple’s system will first appear in select 2014 vehicles from Ferrari, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo. A dozen other auto makers, including Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota, and Nissan, have [...]

Change that Kickstarter password — crowdfunding website gets hit by hackers

Kickstarter backers received an unwanted reward Saturday if they have an account with the crowdfunding site—a security notice that hackers have gained access to some customer data. Kickstarter stressed both in a blog post on the incident and in the email that went out to project organizers and backers that hackers hadn’t accessed any credit [...]

VSCO Cam gets social, but Instagram can keep the hearts and hashtags

VSCO Cam has become a beloved photo-editing app because it places the focus squarely on your images and avoids the social traps created by other apps. That changed Wednesday with the launch of VSCO Cam 3.0 for iOS. Since launching in 2012, VSCO Cam’s developers have shied away from the tried and true follow-like-comment model [...]

The original Apple Macintosh 128K gets the teardown treatement

Seeing the innards of today’s modern technology is a fascinating experience that can leave you in awe of the incredible engineering it takes to pack components into such a small space. However, taking a peek inside the technology of yesteryear can be quite a trip too. The folks at iFixit got their hands on an [...]