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How Blind People Use The iPhone 4S – Accessibility, Twitter, You Tube, Siri

New Video Every Tuesday Subscribe: bit.ly Like Us on Facebook: on.fb.me Follow Us on Twitter: bit.ly Tommy Edison, who has been blind since birth, demonstrates how people who are visually impaired use the iPhone 4S. He shows us how the Accessibility setting on the phone allows him to use the Twitter and You Tube applications. [...]

Fake Apple iPods Flooding USA Funny Video Product Review by Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia on You Tube

Funny Video: Fake Apple ipod, Iphone, itouch Flooding Into the USA! Investigative Funny lol Video News Report and Product Review By Fail Toys Reviewer Mike Mozart of jeepersmedia ** QUESTION OF THE DAY •• WHY DO YOU THINK THAT THERE ARE SO MANY MORE KNOCK-OFF FAKE COUNTERFEIT PRODUCTS COMING INTO THE USA? •• IF YOU [...]

[Appletell]-PC, Mac and Linux gamers should prepare for their Dark Descent

Searching for a decent Mac games these days may be a dark decent of its own, but Fricitional Games, creators of the Penumbra series, wants to make it even scarier. Today, the company is offering gamers their first look at actual in-game footage from their brand new horror game, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, due in [...]

[Geek]-Review: EXOvault exo2 aluminum iPhone case – Cell Phones & Mobile Device Technology News & Updates | Geek.com

EXovault makes metal iPhone cases in Brooklyn, New York. If that statement doesn’t grab your attention then you might as well stop reading right now. With the majority of iPhone cases being made of hard plastics or grippy rubber materials, metals cases are something you don’t see every day. Metal, or other more exotic materials, [...]

[Appleinsider]Inside Apple’s iPad: Adobe Flash

Apple’s new iPad is being criticized for lacking the capacity to render interactive content built using Adobe’s Flash platform, but the company shows no sign of reversing course. Since the iPhone debuted in 2007 without any support for Flash, Adobe has begun a revitalized campaign to breathe interest in Flash. This includes the announcement of [...]

[Appleinsider]HP plans to beat Apple iPad price, Microsoft Courier still in works

Apple’s iPad announcement has not deterred PC competitors, as HP’s forthcoming 3G-enabled “slate PC” will reportedly be competitively priced, and Microsoft is still working on its unannounced Courier dual-screen tablet. According to The Wall Street Journal, executives from HP intend to “tweak prices and features” soon on its upcoming Slate, which will offer a 3G [...]

[Macnn]-Pair marries in 5th Avenue Apple Store

A pair of New York City residents claimed a first for Apple retail this week by marrying at the 5th Avenue Apple Store. Captured on video (viewable below), the union between Joshua Li and Ya Ting Li at the start of Valentine’s Day was a ‘surprise’ wedding without Apple’s approval, although floor staff didn’t intervene. [...]

[Macnn]-Frictional Games announces Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Frictional Games, the developer behind Penumbra, has released a teaser video previewing the upcoming game, Amnesia: The Dark Descent. The first-person horror game centers around survival and enduring a nightmare. Players take the role of Daniel as he awakens in a desolate castle, suffering from amnesia and experiencing terrible memories. Daniel must explore the castle [...]