Tim Cook and Samsung CEO Choi Gee-sung Meeting Today to Discuss Patent Issues

Following last month’s announcement that Apple and Samsung had agreed to high-level talks involving the two companies’ CEOs in an attempt to resolve ongoing patent litigation, Reuters provides a preview of the session set to begin today in San Francisco. The talks, which will be mediated by a federal judge, are scheduled to take place over the next two days.

Commenting before his departure to the United States for the talks, Samsung mobile division chief JK Shin noted that while significant differences between Apple and Samsung still exist, a number of “negotiation options” remain on the table.

“There is still a big gap in the patent war with Apple,” JK Shin said, before departing for the United States for the mediation talks. “But we still have several negotiation options.”

Court documents show the two companies have had at least one mediation session, although it is not clear if Cook and Choi were involved.

Legal experts are not optimistic that the two companies will reach a settlement, but with courts increasingly pushing companies to seek alternative dispute resolution processes in hopes of staving off drawn-out court battles, Apple and Samsung have agreed to participate in the talks.

Samsung is just one of Apple’s main targets in its patent battles with Android-based hardware manufacturers. In another case, Apple succeeded in slowing U.S. imports of several HTC smartphones earlier this month, forcing the company to delay the launch of the Evo 4G LTE on Sprint although HTC has indicated that some shipments of some models are being released by U.S. Customs.

But while Apple’s disputes with several Android device manufacturers center on functionality of the devices, the company’s dispute with Samsung extends further to claims that Samsung has “chosen to slavishly copy” the design of Apple’s products with its own line of Galaxy smartphones and tablets.

Have you forgotten about this already? Samsung’s Market Cap Takes $10 Billion Hit Amid Rumors of Apple DRAM Deal with Elpida. It’s glaringly obvious who needs who here. :cool:

You do realize Apple,Inc. has lost almost $60 Billion in market Cap. over the last 20 days right ?

That’s what people should do. Get the experience and talk. Not hiding behind egos and send the troops.

Have you forgotten about this already? Samsung’s Market Cap Takes $10 Billion Hit Amid Rumors of Apple DRAM Deal with Elpida. It’s glaringly obvious who needs who here. :cool:

I don’t think either one needs one more than the other. We have Apple fanboys (you) claiming that Elpida (or similar company) will provide the components Apple needs. Will they be up to Samsung quality? Most likely not. Will Apple’s sales drop if quality is lost? Or if they can’t get the volume Samsung provides? Yes. Not to mention all the other parts that Samsung makes, and at such high volume.

On the other hand, Samsung does have a large market in making parts for Apple. Huge demand for them, and a huge market share.

So to suggest that this relationship is anything but symbiotic, and take sides as to who needs who, is stupid. They both benefit, hence the reason neither company has dropped the other, and the reason that they are attempting to resolve this, whether it be in court or through settlement talks.

Get off your high horse. Neither company is better than the other.

Excellent! This is the best way to attempt to solve the issues. If it doesn’t work, then continue legal action. One thing for sure, this would never happen if Steve was around.

Yeah, and as we all know, this attitude of his almost killed Apple back then and got Jobs fired from the company that he founded.

It’s not his genius or ego that made Apple’s late success possible. It was the platform agnostic nature of the Internet and the failure of Microsoft in certain technological areas – exactly those areas where Apple now plays.

But just like before, Apple tries to keep the platform closed under their tight control – and just like before, people are looking for an alternative. Back then, that was Windows. Today it’s Android. Around 900,000 Android devices are being activated EVERY DAY. The platform is open for everybody who wants to use it.

Really, saying that Samsung’s success is based upon “copying” Apple is ridiculous. Samsung sells awesome and OPEN products throughout all price ranges, but definitely ALWAYS at a competitive and usually even affordable price. Apple only feeds the high-price segment with its lifestyle products and image. That makes them a lot of money at the moment, but trends usually don’t last for an eternity and the majority of people on this planet simply does not have the money to spare on pure luxury toys.

On the other hand, Samsung is only one competing player and an entire (Asian) industry is willing to provide -ALL- sorts of customer with Android-powered products.

Excellent! This is the best way to attempt to solve the issues. If it doesn’t work, then continue legal action. One thing for sure, this would never happen if Steve was around.

That last line is bull. Tim Cook isn’t the one that set this up, the courts did. And the courts could have done it on Steve Jobs as well. And probably would have given their reasoning which was to not tie up busy courts with something that reasonable folks should be able to sort out on their own.


They would do a lot better if they would just agree to cross-license their stuff and not have to pay so much attention to the legal stuff.

Samsung is pushing for a cross license deal in the non trade dress stuff. The trouble with that is that Samsung wants access to proprietary Apple patents that are key to what makes Apple’s devices unique etc. Patents that Apple has zero legal obligation to have to license if they don’t want to. And, no shock, they don’t want to. But on the flip side, Samsung is holding FRAND patents hostage over the issue making their demands part of the conditions for getting the license they have to agree to. That game isn’t fair, reasonable or non discriminatory which means Samsung is in a major violation of the FRAND rules. Apple will be found by the courts to have infringed on the patents and will be forced to pay for their use and likely some portion of back payment which I suspect they are fine with, depending on the terms. Starting with the fact that it will not include forcing them to license non FRAND items to anyone. Nor will they be asked to pay amounts way over what everyone else does simply because they are Apple and can afford it.

1st off….I can’t stand Samsung, as they have good products, but they are almost all overpriced for what you get. However I am getting tired of Apple trying to sue the heck out of everyone. If someone thinks of using an icon apple sues them for their thoughts. Apple has copied many people as well.

iPad copies Samsung?


Siri was an improved version of what Android had already done.
iOS added a quick bar at the top of the iOS…Copy from Android.
Mac have widgets. Not sure if Android, Apple, or MS was 1st here, but someone copied someones idea.

Apple sues people over laptop designs when Apple stole the HP design on the MBP. I supported this HP garbage back in the day, and the 1st time I saw the MBP I thought it was that HP Laptop. (looked the same, but a MBP is a far better product ;-) )

I like my Apple stuff (especially my Mini), and can’t believe I just wrote the above statements. But I try not to look at things with blinders on.

I am ready to get flamed now :-)

The best thing that can happen with these two is to go their separate ways. Apple will see how much they need Samsung’s quality class leading parts in the quantities only Samsung can supply. At the same time, Samsung will see how much they don’t need Apple as others will fill the void no problem. Apple has already tried to leave Samsung, but have end up crawling back as Samsung knew they would. This is FACT.
There is no doubt Apple see Samsung as their biggest threat in the market.

Have you forgotten about this already? Samsung’s Market Cap Takes $10 Billion Hit Amid Rumors of Apple DRAM Deal with Elpida. It’s glaringly obvious who needs who here. :cool:

clash of the titans!
Great move by Cook&co imo.

Also, very glad this isn’t a thread where ‘shut up and take my money’ applies.

I bet Tim Cook will be very happy once he cleans up Steve Jobs messes.

More of a practical, thinking man who’s not vindictive, he’ll smooth things out & Apple will make even more money.

Expending all the negative, spiteful angry time that Jobs did, costs far more than just legal fees and time to scheme.

Once free of this nonsense, Cook will be free to do the many things he does best.

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